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Joint Liturgical Studies

Joint Liturgical Studies offers a valuable contribution to the study of liturgy. Each issue considers a particular aspect of liturgical development, such as the origins of the Roman rite, Anglican Orders, welcoming the Baptised, and Anglican Missals. It is aimed at all with an academic interest in worship.

It is published twice a year in partnership with the Alcuin Club, which promotes the study of Christian liturgy, and the Group for Renewal of Worship (GROW).

Latest volume: no 76, Gaudentius of Brescia on Baptism and the Eucharist by Dominic Keech

This short study aims to introduce Gaudentius to an Anglophone readership. It surveys the present state of the Gaudentian corpus, and offers a biographical portrait of the author within his geographical, social and ecclesial contexts. It examines what Gaudentius' mystagogical sermons reveal about the liturgy of the cathedral church at Brescia, indicating its relationship to liturgical practice found elsewhere in northern Italy in the same period, and making particular comparison with its archiepiscopal centre, Milan. This opens into a discussion of the singularities of Gaudentius' sacramental thought, and focus within it on his theology of the eucharist.

Other recent volumes:

no 75: Admission to Communion: The Approaches of the Late Medievals and the Reformers by Mark Dalby

 no 74: Rites Surrounding Death: The Palermo Statement of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation 2007, edited with introduction and commentary by Trevor Lloyd

 no 73:Ordo Romanus Primus: Latin Text and Translation with Introduction and Notes by Alan Griffiths

For a complete listing of past volumes view here